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NAIFA New Hampshire Distinguished Financial Advisor

A Call For Nominations!


April 5, 2019


Scott Demers, 2019 DFA Selection Chairman

2 Washington Street, The Picker Building, Suite 304, Dover, NH  03820

Office:  (603) 516-5433

SPECIAL NOTE: Review previous submissions--In the past, members have nominated many qualified candidates that did not win in that particular year.  Such submissions could well win in 2019 if re-submitted.  Please consider re-nominating these members

Click HERE for a PDF Copy of the Nominations Form


This Year's Selection Committee:

Chair:                  Scott D. Demers, LUTCF

Vice Chair: Brian Keane, LUTCF

Committee Members:

2018 Charles L. Stephen, CLU, ChFC

2016 Garrett M. Chambers

2015 Brent R. Kimball, CFP, ChFC

What is it all about?

The NAIFA New Hampshire (formerly New Hampshire Association of Life Underwriters) Distinguished Financial Advisor of the Year Award was begun in 1982 as a way of giving recognition to a living New Hampshire person who has rendered outstanding services to the Institution of Legal Reserve Life Insurance, the agency system, the insurance business and to the agents' forces.  It is based on contributions "above and beyond the call of duty" to the insurance industry, the community and family.  The award seeks to establish the "ideal" agent that all members strive to achieve.  The person selected should be an active or former agent, general agent or manager. 

Yearly, each member within NAIFA New Hampshire is asked to recommend persons whose past activities, when viewed in retrospect and objectivity, are so outstanding, and over and beyond the call of duty, as to merit consideration for the New Hampshire Distinguished Financial Advisor of the Year Award .

The recommendations go to a selection committee made up of the Immediate Past President (as chairman), the President, and the three immediate past recipients.  The responsibility for making the final decision rests with this committee.

Recommendations should be submitted at this time and will be accepted through April 5, 2019.  The names of persons recommended will be kept confidential.

The Nominator should type the recommendation and include information regarding Association activity such as positions held; committees served on; LUPAC involvement; membership in GAMA, WLUC, AALU, MDRT; educational accomplishments such as CLU, ChFC, RHU, CIC, CFP, LUTCF, etc.; industry awards such as NSAA, NQA, NIQA, MDRT, NMA; civic contributions in the area of community such as church/synagogue; and civic efforts such as Chamber of Commerce, United Fund, or health agency contributions.

Our Past Recipients...

2018  Charles L. Stephen, CLU, ChFC

2016  Garrett M. Chambers

2015   Brent R. Kimball, CFP, ChFC

2014  J. Quinn Hogan, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CASL

2013  Christine Ryerson

2012 Lisa M. Larrabee, CLTC

2011 Nancy Sullivan, LUTCF, CLU

2010 Al Blake, Jr.

2009 Robert S. Blood CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, CLTC, CASL

2008 Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC

2007 Kevin J. Halloran

2006 Andrew C. Lord, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC

2005 Thomas N. Tessier

2004 T. J. Shaughnessy

2003 Robert N. Garneau, CLU, ChFC

2002 Steve J. Tassey, CLU

2001 Francis J. Sullivan, Jr.

2000 Dawn T. Chambers, LUTCF

1999 Richard L. Rawlings, CLU, ChFC

1998 Alan D. Rogers, CLU

1997 Earl S. Prolman, CLU, ChFC

1996 Harold R. Sullivan, CFP, LUTCF

1995 William F. Simmons, Jr., RHU, LUTCF

1994 John W. Leveridge, CLU, ChFC

1993 James F. Hughes, CLU

1992 Margaret E. Upson

1991 Francis N. Perry, LUTCF

1990 Raymond F. Truncellito, LUTCF

1989 H. Robert Weisman

1988 Paul J. McGoldrick, CLU, ChFC

1987 James Kageleiry

1986 Russell Kott

1985 Alex Hanson, CLU, ChFC

1984 Alder (Jim) T. Hatch, CLU, ChFC

1983 Leroy W. Davis

1982 Francis B. Donovan

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